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Mettle Crisis Management

Specialist crisis and emergency management, business continuity management and risk consultancy

Founded in 2001, Crisis Management continues to deliver services to 100 companies in 20 countries each year, across the Americas, UK and Europe, Africa and Australasia.

The art of business Crisis Management lies in being able not only to contain and eliminate crises as they occur, but to progress past these to a position of commercial and reputational advantage.

The best companies recognise that planning to learn and transform from crises is key to sustained corporate survival and commercial superiority.  Having the competence to return situations to normal is not enough; at Mettle we deliver the organisational resilience required to prepare for, adapt to and evolve from crisis.  

What We Offer


Our Crisis Practitioners are experts in the range of factors that comprise organisational resilience, as defined in the recently issued ISO 22316. Not only do we possess deep experience in the fields of risk assessment and management, business continuity and crisis/emergency response, but we are also expert in the behavioural components of organisational resilience, including leadership and the development of shared values and culture.


Crisis Leaders recognises that, regardless of how robust an organisation’s plans and procedures, without strong leadership to ensure their execution, a positive response to a crisis is unlikely. Our Crisis Practitioners have deep experience in crisis leadership, born of a heritage leading within one of the world’s most elite military units, including in combat situations.


Our experience and capability spans the full spectrum of incident, emergency and crisis response and management; from the control room to the Boardroom. This ensures that the advice and training delivered by Crisis Leaders provides a complete understanding of the impacts and requirements of subordinates and superiors. We understand how the entire crisis management system needs to work, and tailor our training to ensure participants at all levels are capable of playing their part. Our expertise across the fields of response, management and business continuity allows us to provide truly comprehensive advice, training and incident support.


In the contemporary business environment, it is now impossible to separate Crisis and Emergency Management from Cyber Security. Recognising this, Crisis Leaders has developed an in-house Cyber Practice to ensure that we are able to provide a fully integrated capability to prepare for, and respond to, emergencies and crises of all natures.


Our 18 years of global experience in this field, combined with the fact that we support approximately 100 companies in around 30 countries each year means that we truly understand contemporary best practice in our field across multiple sectors.  Our partner-led model ensures that this knowledge is delivered to the client at every iteration, all at a price point significantly lower than the majority of our international peers.  Our use of locally-based Crisis Practitioners wherever possible further assists in maximising value for our clients..

We pride ourselves on providing unique and bespoke solutions to our clients’ problems, and seek to develop long-lasting relationships that allow progressive and enduring development of capability.

Enabling Business Resilience

Formerly known as Truscott Crisis Leaders, Mettle Crisis Leaders focuses on instituting sound preparatory measures ahead of critical incidents, and includes development and review of plans, and the conduct of training, workshops and exercises / simulations.


We are focused on enabling the development and implementation of strategies and effective executive leadership under pressure


From Boardrooms to Control Rooms; around the globe for 21 years.


Our methodologies and tools are highly applied; we believe that, to be useful, Emergency Management protocols must be lean and workable – not dense, indecipherable ‘shelfware’


Leveraging our deep experience and global exposure, we represent world’s best practice in preparing leadership for the unexpected, including through workshops and crisis simulations  

Professional Crisis Practitoners Worldwide

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